GOAT Shoes Return Policy

GOAT, a trailblazing name in the world of footwear fashion, has become synonymous with sneaker culture and innovation. Founded with a vision to redefine the way enthusiasts engage with and acquire sneakers, GOAT has established itself as a premier destination for sneakerheads and fashion aficionados alike. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality, and style, GOAT has captured the hearts of millions, making it more than just a brand—it’s a global movement.

Question Answer Category-Specific Eligibility or Items In-store vs. Online
Return Timeframe 3 days from the date you receive the item(s) All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same
Return Cost Free for US returns All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same
Refund Timeframe 5-10 business days from the date GOAT receives your return All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same
Original Packaging Required All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same
Exchanges Accepted once per item All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same
Problems with Returns Contact GOAT customer service for assistance All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same
Bill required for return Yes All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same
Can I return it to the store? No All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Not applicable
Can I return online an order made in store? No All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Not applicable
Additional notes “Final Sale” items cannot be returned or exchanged.
GOAT ships all items to GOAT for authentication and verification before sending them to the buyer, so all returns are shipped back to GOAT.
All items, except for “Final Sale” items. Same

1. Currency and Payment Methods

Question: What currency are GOAT’s fees listed in, and how does currency conversion work for international buyers?

Answer: GOAT lists all fees in US dollars unless otherwise specified. International buyers can choose to pay in their local currency or US dollars. If they opt for their local currency, the order total will be automatically displayed in that currency on the checkout page, including the foreign exchange rate and applicable fees. When returning a purchase made in the local currency, they will receive GOAT Credit converted to USD.

Question: What payment methods are accepted by GOAT for purchases in the United States?

Answer: GOAT accepts various payment methods for purchases made in the United States, including American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Affirm, Afterpay, Alipay, Apple Pay, giropay, Google Pay, Klarna, and Paypal, depending on the shopping region.

2. Risk of Loss

Question: When does the risk of loss for purchased items pass to the buyer?

Answer: The risk of loss and title for items purchased from GOAT passes to the buyer upon delivery to the carrier. GOAT is the seller of record for US buyers. Replacement of products and credits for shipped items claimed as not received are subject to investigation by GOAT, and an affidavit may be required from the buyer before further action is taken.

3. Pricing, Availability, and Taxes

Question: How does GOAT handle pricing, availability, and taxes?

Answer: Prices and available inventory can change without notice. If an order is canceled, the same item may not be available for purchase again, or its price may change. GOAT collects sales tax and Value-Added Tax (VAT) for purchases made in certain jurisdictions where required. Taxes are based on the buyer’s shipping address. Applicable tax rates and rules may vary by jurisdiction.

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4. Non-US Buyers and Customs

Question: How does GOAT handle international orders regarding customs duties and taxes?

Answer: GOAT declares the purchase price for customs purposes. Buyers are responsible for paying applicable customs duties and taxes in their respective countries of residence, unless otherwise indicated.

5. Shipping Information and Costs

Question: What are GOAT’s shipping costs and processing times?

Answer: Shipping costs vary depending on the type of item and delivery location. Delivery times are estimates and may be affected by factors like weather delays. GOAT offers various shipping options, including standard and next-day shipping, with associated costs.

6. Order Review and Cancellation

Question: How does GOAT handle order review and cancellation?

Answer: All orders are subject to fraud review, which may result in delays. GOAT may request additional information to verify purchases. Buyers can cancel orders within a specified time frame, but some orders may be auto-confirmed and non-cancelable. Order cancellation policies differ for sneakers and apparel/accessory items. Offers may not be canceled after acceptance.

7. Returns and Buyer Protection

Question: What is GOAT’s policy for returns, and what does the Buyer Protection Policy cover?

Answer: GOAT accepts returns for certain items that meet specified conditions. Buyers have a limited time to request a return, which is evaluated based on criteria such as item condition and packaging. GOAT issues refunds in the form of GOAT Credit for approved returns. Special items, used items, and items marked as “Final Sale” are not eligible for returns. GOAT’s Buyer Protection Policy provides support and protection for items that don’t meet quality standards.

8. GOAT Clean and GOAT Storage

Question: What is GOAT Clean, and how does GOAT Storage work?

Answer: GOAT Clean includes items that have been professionally cleaned, graded, and photographed to ensure quality. GOAT Clean items are eligible for returns. GOAT Storage allows buyers to store items after authentication for future use or resale. Storage fees may apply, and GOAT may charge a retrieval fee for withdrawing items from storage.

9. Disputes

Question: How does GOAT handle disputes and chargebacks?

Answer: GOAT places accounts on hold during disputes. Buyers are expected not to dispute transactions or seek chargebacks, except in specified circumstances. GOAT may cancel orders and take action against accounts involved in disputes that violate policies.

10. Live Auctions, Absentee Auctions, and Purchases Shipped Directly from Sellers

Question: Are there any specific policies for live auctions, absentee auctions, and items shipped directly from sellers?

Answer: Auction items from live and absentee auctions are typically considered final sale and cannot be returned. Items shipped directly from sellers may have different return and refund policies, and buyers must refer to the Buyer Protection Policy for such items.

This comprehensive overview of GOAT Brand’s purchase and return policy aims to provide clarity and guidance for buyers on various aspects of their shopping experience. Buyers are encouraged to review the policy in detail to understand their rights and responsibilities when purchasing items through GOAT.

GOAT Shoes stands as a symbol of authenticity, quality, and innovation in the realm of sneaker culture. From its inception, GOAT has consistently pushed the boundaries, setting new standards for the industry. With an extensive selection of sneakers, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a dedication to maintaining the integrity of the culture, GOAT Shoes has earned its place at the forefront of the sneaker world.

As the brand continues to evolve and grow, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide enthusiasts with not just sneakers but a gateway to a vibrant, global community of sneaker lovers. GOAT Shoes embodies the spirit of self-expression, creativity, and passion that defines sneaker culture, and it invites everyone to be a part of this exciting journey.

So, whether you’re in pursuit of the rarest kicks or simply seeking to elevate your style, GOAT Shoes is the destination where sneaker dreams take flight. Join us in celebrating the power of sneakers to inspire, unite, and make a statement, one step at a time. Your sneaker journey awaits, and GOAT Shoes is here to lead the way.

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