Dillards Return Policy

Did you know that Dillard’s, the iconic department store, has been crafting a return policy that’s as stylish and versatile as their fashion offerings? At Dillard’s, returns aren’t just transactions; they’re opportunities to ensure your complete satisfaction with every purchase. With a generous 30-day return window, a commitment to quality, and a dedication to making your shopping experience as smooth as silk, Dillard’s invites you to embark on a journey where your returns are just as fabulous as your fashion choices. Let’s dive into the intricacies of Dillard’s return policy, packed with insights, tips, and answers to your frequently asked questions, ensuring that your return experience is a fashion-forward delight.

Getting to Know Dillard’s

Before we delve into the specifics of the return policy, let’s get acquainted with Dillard’s, the department store known for its rich history and commitment to offering a wide range of products for all your fashion and lifestyle needs.

A Department Store with a Legacy

Dillard’s, with its origins dating back to 1938, has a rich legacy in the retail industry. Over the decades, it has grown to be a trusted name in fashion, cosmetics, and home goods. When you shop at Dillard’s, you’re not just buying products; you’re engaging with a brand that has a long-standing commitment to quality.

A Diverse Range of Products

Dillard’s offers a wide range of products that cater to diverse preferences. From clothing, accessories, and cosmetics to home goods and more, you’ll find something for everyone in the family at Dillard’s. This variety ensures that there’s a product or style for everyone, regardless of your fashion preferences.

A Loyal and Expansive Customer Base

Dillard’s commitment to quality and an extensive product range has earned it a loyal and growing customer base. People trust the brand for their fashion and lifestyle needs, and the return policy is a vital part of maintaining this trust.

The Dillard’s Return Policy Unveiled

Now, let’s explore the heart of the matter – the Dillard’s Return Policy. We’ll break down the details, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of how returns work with this department store.

Return Eligibility Criteria

To ensure a successful return experience, it’s essential to be aware of Dillard’s return eligibility criteria.

Return Timeframe: Dillard’s allows returns within 30 calendar days from the purchase date. This includes returning items to the Internet Store location at 600 Carnahan Drive, Maumelle, AR 72113, or to any Dillard’s store (excluding Clearance Centers).

Condition of the Item: To qualify for a return, the merchandise must be in its original, unused condition, unless there is a manufacturer’s defect. Electronic items, kid’s gear, and shoes must be returned in the original packing material from the manufacturer.

Exclusions and Exceptions

While Dillard’s is transparent about its return policy, there are specific exclusions and exceptions you should be aware of:

Non-Returnable Items: The following items are non-returnable:

  1. Clearance merchandise marked down 65% or more.
  2. Merchandise on sale with an additional discount, e.g., items marked down 25% plus an additional 30-50% discount for a limited time.
  3. Personalized merchandise. These limitations on returns do not apply to merchandise that is damaged, defective, or shipped in error.


With respect to a returnable item purchased in Dillard’s stores, the following conditions must be met:

  1. No more than 30 calendar days have passed from the date of purchase (unless the receipt or a notice at the point of sale indicates that a longer return period is available).
  2. The merchandise is in its original, unused condition unless there is a manufacturer’s defect.
  3. The merchandise is accompanied by either the original Dillard’s receipt or the original Dillard’s proof of purchase label.
  4. All merchandise tags remain attached. Dillard’s does not issue price adjustments.

Refunds for Returned Merchandise

For all eligible returns, Dillard’s will issue a refund in the form and amount of the original tender paid (including sales tax) or a Dillard’s merchandise credit, at the customer’s choice. Refunds for check purchases will have a ten-day waiting period before a cash or check refund is issued. Note that merchandise purchased using Afterpay and returned will be issued a Dillard’s gift card or credited back to your Afterpay account for the purchase price.

Dillards Gift Returns

If you wish to return merchandise received as a gift, whether purchased in a Dillard’s store or online, you may return it to any Dillard’s store in exchange for a Dillard’s gift card or merchandise credit. However, you will be responsible for any related shipping fees if returning merchandise purchased online.

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Dillards In-Store Returns

Bring any merchandise eligible for return to a Dillard’s location near you (excluding clearance centers), along with your receipt or proof of purchase. Proof of purchase or POP labels accompany every item sold to help track sales and returns. For items purchased on Dillards.com, POP information is included on the Order Status email sent when items are shipped or the email sent when items are ready for pick-up in-store or curbside.

Dillards Return By Mail

If you choose to return items by mail, follow these steps:

  1. Find the order on your Purchase History or look up your In-Store or Online purchase.
  2. Click ‘Start Return’ and select the items you are sending back.
  3. Dillard’s offers a return label that you can print from your computer and attach to the return package. The use of Dillard’s return label costs $9.95.
  4. Repack the merchandise along with your receipt with Proof of Purchase. You may use the original box.
  5. Affix a return label to the box, covering or removing any previous labels.
  6. If using the Dillard’s return label, drop your return at any USPS (U.S. Mail) location. Otherwise, take your package to the carrier of your choice, and you will be responsible for all applicable shipping fees.
  7. If you choose to ship without using the Dillard’s return label, return the merchandise to the following address: Dillard’s 600 Carnahan Drive Maumelle, AR 72113

If returning by mail, it’s recommended to insure the package and ship it via a traceable method.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To make things even clearer, here’s a table summarizing the frequently asked questions about the Dillard’s Return Policy:

How to Start a Return?

To start a return at Dillard’s, you can either visit the nearest retail store or initiate a return online through the Dillard’s website. If returning in-store, simply bring your items, the original receipt, and a valid ID. For online returns, log in to your Dillard’s account, access your order history, select the items you want to return, and follow the on-screen prompts.

How Does Dillard’s Handle Damaged Items?

If you receive a damaged or defective item from Dillard’s, the return process is hassle-free. Contact their customer support, and they will guide you through the return and replacement process.

Items Dillard’s Won’t Allow for Return?

While Dillard’s has a flexible return policy, there are certain items that cannot be returned, such as “final sale” products and items without their original packaging and tags. It’s important to review the product description and Dillard’s return policy for specific details.

How Can I Contact Dillard’s for Assistance?

If you have questions or face any issues during the return process, you can contact Dillard’s customer support for assistance. They are there to help you every step of the way.

My Return Was Rejected—Why?

If your return was rejected, it could be due to not meeting the return eligibility criteria. Ensure that the item is in its original condition, within the specified timeframe, and with all tags and labels intact.

What’s the Return Policy for Items Without a Receipt?

Dillard’s may have specific procedures for returns without a receipt. It’s recommended to contact their customer support for guidance in such cases.

How Does Dillard’s Handle Returns Without the Original Box?

Dillard’s advises maintaining the original packaging, but the return process may still be possible without it, though it could be subject to a restocking fee. Contact their customer support for assistance in such situations.

Dillard’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through its return policy. With clear eligibility criteria, flexible options, and a dedication to prompt refunds, they ensure that your shopping experience remains enjoyable from start to finish. Whether you need to return an item or simply have questions, remember that Dillard’s is here to support you every step of the way. Shop with confidence, knowing that you’re not just buying products; you’re engaging with a department store that values you as a customer. Happy shopping, and enjoy your Dillard’s experience!

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