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Audible is more than just a platform for audiobooks; it’s your gateway to a world of storytelling. Whether you’re listening to the latest bestsellers, diving into classic literature, or exploring captivating podcasts, Audible enriches your reading experience. However, what if you’re not entirely satisfied with your audiobook choice? That’s where Audible’s return policy comes into play.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into Audible’s return policy, unveiling important information, FAQs, and interesting facts to make your audiobook experience truly remarkable.

Return Policy Highlights

Audible’s return policy is designed to offer flexibility and ensure customer satisfaction. Let’s break down the key details you need to know:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Who can return: Active Audible Premium Plus members.
  • Returnable items: Titles purchased with credits.
  • Return timeframe: 365 days from the date of purchase.

Monitoring for Abuse

  • Audible reserves the right to monitor returns for potential abuse.
  • Examples of misuse include excessive returns, frequent return of titles after prolonged listening, and returning multiple titles at a time.

Consequences of Misuse

  • Audible may limit the number of returns allowed by each member.
  • Loss of return privileges if abuse is detected.


  • Customers who cancel or fail to maintain their Audible membership in good standing are not eligible to make returns.
  • Audible retains the right to cancel or modify the terms of the return policy at any time.

Interesting Facts About Audible’s Return Policy

  1. 365-Day Return Window: Audible’s generous return timeframe of 365 days is a unique feature. It allows you to take your time evaluating your audiobook, ensuring that you’re entirely satisfied with your choice.
  2. Active Premium Plus Membership: Audible extends its return privilege exclusively to active Premium Plus members. This demonstrates a commitment to rewarding loyal customers who subscribe to their premium service.
  3. Monitoring for Misuse: Audible’s vigilance in monitoring returns is not just about protecting its interests but also about maintaining a fair system for all customers. The examples of misuse help keep the policy fair and abuse-free.
  4. Flexible Return Privileges: Despite monitoring, Audible provides the benefit of adjusting return privileges rather than outright bans, which shows a consideration for individual circumstances.
  5. Cancellation and Modification Rights: Audible’s transparency regarding the ability to cancel or modify the return policy demonstrates their commitment to adapting to changing customer needs and circumstances.
Question Answer Category-Specific Eligibility or Items In-store vs. Online
Return Timeframe Return timeframe is 365 days from the date of purchase. N/A N/A
Return Cost Audible’s return policy is free for eligible members. N/A N/A
Refund Timeframe Refunds are typically processed within 14 business days. N/A N/A
Original Packaging No specific mention of original packaging requirements. N/A N/A
Exchanges No information provided about exchanges in the return policy. N/A N/A
Problems with Returns If you encounter problems with returns, contact Audible customer service for assistance. N/A N/A
Bill required for return No bill or receipt is required for returns; eligibility is based on membership status, purchase type, and the return timeframe. N/A N/A

FAQs – Common Return Scenarios

Local vs. International Returns

Q1: Is the return policy different for local and international customers?

A1: No, Audible’s return policy remains the same for both local and international customers. The 365-day return timeframe and eligibility criteria apply universally.

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Returns with or without Receipt (Bill)

Q2: Do I need a bill or receipt to initiate a return?

A2: No, Audible does not require a bill or receipt to process returns. The eligibility is based on membership status, purchase type, and the return timeframe.

FAQs – Return Policy Details

Here’s a clear breakdown of frequently asked questions about Audible’s return policy:

Return Timeframe365 days from the date of purchase.
Eligible MembersActive Audible Premium Plus members.
Returnable ItemsTitles purchased with credits.
Monitoring for AbuseAudible reserves the right to monitor returns for potential abuse.
Consequences of MisuseAudible may limit the number of returns allowed and even revoke return privileges.
IneligibilityCustomers who cancel or fail to maintain their Audible membership in good standing are ineligible for returns.

FAQs – Additional Information

Q1: Can I return an audiobook if I’ve already started listening to it?

A1: Yes, you can return an audiobook even if you’ve begun listening. Audible understands that sometimes, a title may not meet your expectations as you progress through it.

Q2: How are returned credits handled?

A2: All credits received from returning a title expire 12 months after they are issued, regardless of the original credit type or where it was received.

Q3: What if I received an Audible audiobook as a gift, and I want to return it?

A3: To refund a gift, the gift giver must initiate the return within one year of the purchase, and the gift should not have been redeemed by the recipient. Once returned, the original payment method will be refunded.

Q4: How can I view my refund history and details?

A4: To view your refund history and the full details of your refunds, follow these steps:

On Desktop:

  • Go to the Audible site:
  • Sign in using your proper account credentials.
  • Hover your mouse over or tap on “Hi, Your Name!” at the top of the page.
  • Click on Account Details.
  • Scroll down and click on “Purchase History.”
  • At the top of the page, click on the drop-down menu next to View, then select “Refund History.”
  • To view more information about your refund, click on “Order Details.”

On Mobile Site:

  • Visit the Audible website on your device.
  • Tap the hamburger menu, and sign in.
  • Tap “Your Name,” and you’ll be brought to the My Account section.
  • Tap Purchase history.
  • If an order was declined, you will see “Order declined” below it. You can tap on the title for additional information.

On Desktop Site:

  • Go to the Purchase history page on your Account Details page.
  • If an order was declined, you will see “Order declined” to the right of it. You can click Order details for additional information.

Q5: What happens if an order was declined, and how can I update my payment method?

A5: If an order was declined, you’ll see the reason why in the order details. If you need to edit your payment information, you can do so within the caution box. If the payment method is updated, the title will not be repurchased automatically. You will need to purchase the title again using your new payment method.

Q6: Are there specific guidelines for setting a default payment method and adding or editing a card on file?

A6: For more information on setting a default payment method and how to add or edit a card on file, refer to the links provided on the Audible website.

Audible’s return policy is not only user-friendly but also tailored to accommodate a range of scenarios. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a transparent approach, Audible ensures your audiobook experience is a delightful one.


Audible, with its versatile collection of audiobooks and captivating storytelling, goes the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction. The 365-day return policy, exclusive to active Audible Premium Plus members, and their dedication to monitoring returns ensure a fair system for everyone. Whether you’re returning a gift or reviewing your refund history, Audible’s commitment to user-friendly policies shines through.

So, embark on your next audiobook adventure with Audible, knowing you have the freedom to explore new stories without losing a credit or hassle-free return options if needed. Happy listening!

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